This game can play only on arcade event!
Shake, shake, shake the  bottle! Explode the Coke, aim for outer space, JetCola!
In the late 1950s, during the Cold War, a dictatorship exists.
The country's main industry is sugarcane, which is sold to a large beverage company.
The people were enjoying a peaceful life, working hard in agriculture,
when one day,
The Supreme Commander of the nation announced...
We have decided to go to space! Let's get people into space somehow!
The person in charge of receiving the order looked around the country and saw that there was no technology
 that could go to space.
The only thing there was cola produced by the country's main industry.
Oh...what to do with it...he wondered...and then one day...
One day, I saw a group of children playing with Coke, shaking it and making it spurt out.
They were so happy that they were making the cola spew out with great force.
I thought to myself, "This is it....
We're going to go to space with the Coke we're spewing out!
All that remained was to find a "pilot" who could shake a Coke well.
That would be you!
This is the story of a dictatorship that can no longer back down and is headed for space.

 1950年台後半、東西冷戦下の、とある独裁国家。 飲料系大企業に収めるサトウキビが国の主力産業の国。 
 そこにあったのは、国の主力産業から産まれるコーラのみ。 あぁ、、、これはどうするか、、、
と悩んでいた、とある日、、、 子供たちがコーラを振って、噴出させて遊んでいる姿を目撃。
 ものすごい勢いでコーラを吹き出させては喜んでいた。 「これだ、、、」とひらめいた。
 それは アナタだ!
 制作環境 : Gamemaker studio2 
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